Friday, August 7, 2015

Installing Android on HP TouchPad

I successfully installed CyanogenMod Android on my old HP Touchpad recently and the relevant notes are below. Delighted to have a fully functioning tablet after watching it collect dust for years.

- Install Novocom first. This is needed for the next step.
- Install Touchpad Toolkit by JC Sullins. The relevant file is which contains files for Windows, Mac and Linux.
I used tptb_v42_mac.command on my Mac to facilitate the installation.
- Three critical files are necessary for a working Android OS
        - ROM, gApps and Recovery.
- ROM is the actual Android operating system. There seem to be hundreds of streams of ROMs each of which has nightly builds and regular version releases. LolliPop, KitKat, CyanogenMod etc.
- Since Android is (for some reason) tied to Google, gApps (Google Apps) is needed. Again there are gApps from various developers. There is no guarantee that a particular version of gApps will work smoothly or otherwise with any random version of ROM.
- Recovery, to me, sounds like swap space. Again hundreds of varieties exist. No guarantees on compatibilities with gApps versions or ROM versions.
- So while you have 3 buckets with red, green and blue balls, you cannot pull out a random ball (each different size) and expect them to just work.

Below are the results of 4 attempts the last of which is fully functional. The notes explain what was lacking in the unsuccessful installs.

Working: battery
Not working: No camera and buggy wifi (restarting wifi results in reboot):

Working: camera works and wifi is clean
Not working: Battery does not charge (System says: Not charging AC)

Working: battery and wifi (not buggy)
Not working: No camera and random reboots.

Fully functional - from June 12, 2015 version from JCSullins

Various resources helped me in the process and below is a list of some of those links: